We’ve formulated the perfect blend of yellow peas, brown rice, and quinoa to create a protein powder with a complete amino acid profile.

Sourcing from three different proteins allows for each to compliment the other and when combined, creates a comprehensive profile to help build muscle and aid in post-workout recovery.  
RUVA Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder is plant based recipe it is high protein vegan recipe & rich of iron to meet the needs of plant-based diets, but more importantly, iron is  responsible for critical roles in the body such as transporting oxygen to the muscles and naturally fighting fatigue.
But wait, we didn’t stop there. We care about your all over health and disease prevention, so in went our eleven superfruits, such as Acai berries, Pomegranates, and Mangosteen, all of which are abundant in antioxidants.
MCT Oil in the diet has been linked to controlling blood sugar levels, supporting fat loss, increased energy and brain health. We’ve added that in too.
It was our number one goal to make sure this all went down the hatch easily. We are so very proud of the smoothness and taste of our powder. We have been told by vegans and non-vegans that this is one of the best tasting shakes around. Their kids love it too. You can simply drink it with water or make a creamier shake with your favorite unsweetened milk.